Fishtail style wedding dress

Fishtail style wedding dress

A wedding dress is the number one accessory one can not imagine the weeding without. You can do without a bunch of people to invite, without a limo and even without a honey moon, but to deprive yourself of a dressing gown is next to impossible. When will you get a chance to treat yourself to a dress by Ricca Sposa and to be a feel queen? To add up more grace and sophistication to the bridal look, it is highly recommended to go for a Fishtail style wedding dress.

What are the benefits of it?

Fishtail style dress model, also known as trumpet, is a fitted bodycon dress with a flared hem at the mid-thigh or knee-length. The advantages of this dress made it a popular choice among celebrities and not only them. No wonder – who does not want to show off the elegance of their body line? The fishtail dress will give any bride a stunning hourglass figure with great definition, making your bridal look extremely feminine and ultimately flawless.

Fitted skirt which flares out is an undeniable benefit of the silhouette. The more the volume of the hem is, the more majestic the bride will look, evoking the images of Disney’s queens. Straight classic trimming will make you look like a Greek goddess, whereas luxury train will make a lasting impression on all the guests present on your special day.

Fishtail style wedding dress

The fishtail dress is available in a wide range of models and will make a perfect choice for those willing to show off the elegance of their slender figure. If you opt for an exquisitely trimmed top, it can visually increase your breast. The neckline can be of a various type - sweetheart, square or V-neck. You can opt for an asymmetric neckline to show off your slim neck and shoulder.

The fishtail dress is often worn with a corset that is why it is flattering to women of various figures and body types. Due to the corset the waist line seems thing and the body slim and slender. But you should keep in mind that this type of dress will be flattering to ladies of a middle height or tall. Fishtail style dress is a perfect pick for slim brides with a small or medium size hips.

What to choose?

There is a big variety of fishtail style dress models and each has numerous fans. For example, a strapless fishtail dress with a long luxury train will look stunning.

Fishtail style wedding dress, photo

The dress hugs bride’s curves in a flattering way, showing off slender body and slim hands. However for lucky ladies of more curvy shapes, we recommend to chose a fishtail style dress with a deep but narrow cut to add up a bit of appealing charm to their look.

Nowadays a big number of modern brides prefer low-back dresses. Taking into account numerous models of Ricca Sposa collections, be ready to spend plenty of time in search for a perfect model for you. Whether it is a backless model , low- back which just reveals a hint of your shoulder blades or a low-cut illusion back delicately covered with elegant lace or guipure, the bride will definitely look feminine and appelingly fragile, like a fairy from old english fairy tales.

Types of materials

What types of wedding dress materials are used for making a wedding gown? We will briefly tell you about the materials which are ideal for making your wedding gown perfect and incapable.

Satin is undoubtedly can be called a King of all wedding fabrics. It has been used for making wedding gowns since anyone can remember and it will definitely hold its place in the years to come.

Many brides opt for satin due to that incredible feeling how it slips on your skin, which is yet one more benefit of this material. And the way it glows and glitters in the light will enhance the magic of impressions.

Fishtail style wedding dress

Lace fishtail style dresses, which can be found on our website, are definitely classic models. You will feel how it hugs your body and stunning beadwork and handmade embroidery will add up a feeling of excitement and happiness.

Numerous materials and decorating elements are used to create a perfect breathtaking wedding dress: exquisite tulle, beaded handmade French and Italian lace, silk, Swarovski name it!

In search of a perfect dress

Ricca Sposa TM will pleasantly impress you with a big variety of wedding and evening gowns. Even the most demanding brides will instantly fall in love with dresses by Ricca Sposa TM.

All our dresses are made of exclusively high quality fabrics and with various types of trimming. Due to designers artworks, mastery and imagination, every single dress is a masterpiece, which will definitely express your individuality and make this day special. We will willingly help you to chose a perfect dress for you which will make an everlasting impression of you as the most elegant and sophisticated bride ever.

Fishtail wedding dress is like a magic mermaid image.