Florence campaign

Love Collection

Classic and sensuality, femininity and elegance, half-tones of colours and delicacy of textures – all this has become the basis for Love by Ricca Sposa new bridal line. This is undoubtedly a collection of Love... Love to every woman, which is expressed in its own way. The shooting took place in the most romantic and magical city, in Florence, which fully enhanced the line of Ricca Sposa Brand dresses with warm shades and true love spirits!

Every detail, fabric or lace merge into an individual image, which is designed to catch the eye and fascinate the heart, to cause an irresistible desire to feel the touch of every texture, its lightness, softness and airiness...

The fabrics used for this collection are so close to the legendary ocean of emotions: from the glitter and coolness of satin to gorgeousness and lightness of tulle, from the tender Chantilly to textured Italian lace with floral patterns. Undoubtedly, we have selected only the best fabrics for our new line at annual PremiereVision exhibition in Paris. You will see the 3D handmade lace, new embroidery, matte threads, embroidery with multi-facet glass beads that simply fascinate the look with crystal glow.

This new line presents gentle colours and tones, from classic cream colour to pastel glare of the seashore sunset. The relief of embroidery and glass beads on the bodices of dresses is like the sun shine through the sea waves. Translucent bodices blend seamlessly with leather, decors and laces and are exquisitely displayed in contrasts as main elements of enchanting naturalness of feminine beauty.

Our brides have always been a constant inspiration for new creative ideas and images of our brand. All the silhouettes, lines and decor, all is selected for you. Every detail conveys uniqueness and expresses personality, every dress is a new role for a woman, with her own desires, her own looks, sense of style and needs. That is why our dresses have feminine names.

We offer our new bridal line to find your true identity!