January 2018

The beginning of 2018 is marked by an outstanding event for Ricca Sposa Brand – a new Sparking Riviera 2019 wedding collection, which had already caused a sensation during the shooting of couture dresses in the most picturesque and fascinating cities of Portugal.
Sparking Riviera 2019 collection has managed to combine two elements of wedding fashion: time-honoured classic models, decorated with embroidery, beads, braid and sparkling stones, as well as expressive couture dresses for those brides who love to be in the spotlight.
Ricca Sposa has created dresses with an incredibly long and rich train, decorated with feathers, beads, sequins and exclusive Italian handmade lace, the dresses which are extraordinary revealing but have feminine lines at the same time. This brand collection has got such a special name as it radiates the brilliance and glory of stars, which is peculiar only to splendid and fashionable Riviera!